This tutorial will help you to take control of your FlyTag using Raspberry Pi 3.


The idea: The idea of this project will encourage people to make their homes more smart and more secure, to offer comfort and protection in their homes.

The project: This is a stand alone project, meaning no internet connection is required for a minimum operation.

The concept:

  • the project is showing how easy is to control and stay connected Flytag with Raspberry PI 3 over the bluetooth
  • how to control LED’s wirelessly -> useful for notifications, alarms, warnings
  • how to control servo motor wirelessly -> useful for movements surveillance camera angle
  • how to read sensor data from FlyTag -> useful for monitoring ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, luminosity, …)
  • how to read analog value from Flytag wirelessly -> useful for measurements analog value or additional sensors
  • how to control relay wirelessly -> useful fo controlling system

Things used in this project:


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Video show how to take control of your FlyTag using Raspberry Pi 3:

 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask:



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